10 7 / 2014

Logo Tutorial

Making a logo isn’t as hard as you might be imagining. The process of logo creation is one that is honed while in trade school and upon release you are welcomed into the creative community to show off your amazing skills.

The one part of doing this that you want to watch out for is moving through fast through the creative process and ending up with a low quality final product.

The point of creating your emblem to begin with is to get the word out on how perfect your brand or group is so if the logo isn’t designed perfectly then it’s going to shine negatively on you.

An amazing set of symbols can be looked at on the Cool symbols emblems and then go in to the eric rankin section to see what’s happening.

Second Draft Logo

Once your first draft is done then you’re going to need to move onto the second which can be a bit of a tough thing for some people. This stage requires you to draw inside the lines and really get some smooth edges on the shapes and symbols on the paper.

Your final draft won’t be too far behind because this entire activity shouldn’t be taking you more than a couple of hours at the most.

If all goes according to plan then you should end up with a logo that’s worth representing your brand and you as a person.